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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employees know what it takes to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

What they want to know is whether or not their employers care about them, their careers and their working environment. Most organizations do not have a method, process or structure to gauge how their employees really feel. Some of the reasons organizations do not focus on this problem are:

  • The difficulty in gathering honest feedback internally
  • Satisfaction is subjective and constantly changing
  • Fear that the feedback will be bad or that, once you ask for feedback, you’ll have to fix all the problems
  • Frustration associated with losing people without the opportunity to solve the problems that caused them to leave

We have developed a method, process and structure to gather meaningful, honest feedback from employees. Our independence provides a safe environment for employees so we can provide employers with unfiltered information. Employers can use this information to identify problems that need to be addressed, moving them from dealing with their perception of the level of employee satisfaction to facts they can base human resource strategies on.

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews should be a process, not simply a report. Regular feedback strengthens the people and the review process. Everyone has an opportunity to gain valuable insights from frequent, regular and on-going feedback from others. Successful people seek regular meaningful feedback and regular meaningful feedback creates successful people.

Salary Adjustments

Compensation is an area that impacts everyone. An automated process for triggering and monitoring salary reviews ensures that no one slips between the cracks and that everyone is dealt with in a consistent manner.

Hiring Process

Would you benefit from a process that allows you to manage all aspects of your recruitment – start to finish? The ability to gather resume information, create a short list and manage interviews and final selection provides you with the best tools available no matter what your size.

Employee Information Self Service

This will allow employees to enter their own information their first day on the job and then keep it up-to-date as their lives change. The information recorded falls into these broad areas:

  • Personal Information
  • Personal Contact Information
  • Emergency Contact Data
  • Driver's license Information
  • Company Information
  • Education Information
  • Spouse and dependant data
  • Skills Matrix
  • Certifications
  • Job Related Information
  • Compensation Data
  • Memberships and certifications
Vacation Booking and Tracking

This will allow your employees to create vacation requests based on the amount of vacation they have accrued. The requests are forwarded to their managers for approval.

Time Off Recording and Tracking

This will allow you to keep an accurate history of all the time-off an employee has taken. Information is presented in a quick and easy fashion for your analysis.

Policy Management

Policy and Guideline Creation - lets you build your company Policies and Guidelines from our templates or include your own unique company policies or guidelines.

Compliance Monitoring and Notification - a tracking engine that monitors individual employee compliance with the mandatory policies and guidelines to reduce your compliance risk.

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