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Critical Dates Tracking

All organizations, regardless of their size, have critical dates they must manage. Whether they are lease renewals, space options, termination dates or agreements with customers or suppliers, someone needs to be given enough advance notice so the appropriate action can be determined and initiated. Often this information resides in a spreadsheet or Outlook calendar, making it dependent on an individual user, who may or may not be with the organization when the date becomes critical. Our tool allows you to store all of your critical date information in a secure database and then track and manage it, removing the human element from the equation.

Asset Assignment and Tracking

Asset Tracking - the ability to track the company's smaller assets equipment, including type, make, model, serial number and current assignee.

Asset Assignment - a standard form to provide managers the ability to record and track the items that have been assigned to an employee (i.e. keys, laptops, cell phones, pagers, ID cards, parkng passes, key cards, purchase cards, etc.).

Asset Summary - a tool for employees to view their personal asset assignments.

Asset Recovery - the ability to notify managers that a terminated employee has assigned items, and the ability for pertinent departments to sign off that terminated employees have returned all assigned items.

Expense Account Submission

Our tool allows anyone in your organization to prepare and submit an expense claim for approval from any Internet connection in the world.

Saftey Reporting

Our tool provides a centralized facility for field or branch office employees to report all injury and safety instances. Anyone in your organization who has access to the Internet can complete a safety report and submit it. Monthly safety report statistics are available for everyone authorized to run the reports. As part of the process the number of incident free days are tracked and reported.

Technology Assessment

What most organizations want to know:

  • What are the risks I have with my current technolgy (the risk profile)?
  • Am I under-engineered?
  • Am I over-engineered - do I have more power than I need?
  • Is there more out there than the DELL dude is telling me?

TOTALadmin has a tool set to rapidly determine the complexity profile of your organization

  • Rapid
  • Inexpensive
  • Unobtrusive
  • Simple to use

Results in:

  • Real data to base decisions on
  • A path forward
  • Investment required to get you there

You get to know:

  • If your technology is current - are you ahead or behind the curve (Benchmarking)
  • How much risk you are currently taking
  • Where you should be and if you need to make any changes (Decision to change or not)
  • What the costs will be if you need to make changes

You Have Control over the plan:

  • Sequence
  • Priority
  • Provider
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